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That can purchase related advertisers' products/services, educate and refer them while you earn commissions up to 22% per sucessful transaction.
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We believe that businesses who make sales stay in business, with your help and efforts we can help them achieve their goals while they pay you for the referred sales .
Kindly create an account here as a publisher.
On your dashboard menu click on "Sales/Referrals" to learn what to do next.
All Sales/Referral campaign details will be shown to you with in depth details and marketing information under the "Sales/Referral" menu on your publisher dashboard.
From the "Sales/Referral" menu on your publisher dashboard, you get to provide us with information on your sale, bear in mind that this is a manual action as we want Human approach to this type of sale/referral.
Getting paid is easy as you get paid the percentage commission shown to you under the "Sales/Referral" menu on your publisher dashboard once we confirm the sales/referral with the advertiser. Your earnings will be credited to your Adnaira wallet which you can withdraw, under the "Payment Withdrawals" menu.
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